What Is A Tilt Tray Truck?

A Tilt Tray Truck is a heavy-duty vehicle designed for the transportation of heavy loads and equipment. The trucks are equipped with a flatbed platform that can be tilted to allow for the easy loading and unloading of materials and equipment. Tilt Tray Trucks are commonly used in construction, mining and other industries that require the transportation of heavy loads. Rev Crane’s Tilt Tray Trucks can carry large, bulky items such as machinery, construction equipment and containers, making them a versatile and valuable asset for construction projects in Townsville.

High-quality Tilt Tray Trucks Townsville Businesses Can Trust

If you’re wanting to move oversized equipment or organise the transportation of a large load, tilt tray trucks are the best option for you. As the name suggests, these trucks can be tilted using a hydraulic system underneath the truck so that the rear edges touch the ground.

A winch then operates at the front of the truck to pull loads onto the tray before returning the tray to its horizontal position. This function makes it easier to load heavy equipment onto the bed of the truck without the need for extra machinery, such as booms or cranes.

We highly recommend the use of tilt tray trucks because:

  • They are efficient: Tilt tray trucks make it possible to load any object quickly and with ease. They remove the need for additional machinery and complicated manoeuvring mechanisms.
  • They are passenger-friendly: There is room for passengers on these trucks which makes them a great choice when it comes to transporting multiple people between destinations.
  • They are more secure: These trucks allow you to secure loads or vehicles seamlessly onto a tray, meaning you don’t have to worry about damage caused by towing loads along a road or site.

When To Use Tilt Tray Trucks

There are several instances where you may require a tilt tray truck in construction work. More generally, they can be employed to make the transportation of various loads much quicker and easier, allowing your team to spend additional time on more labour-intensive tasks. They are a great option when it comes to manoeuvring large shipping containers which may otherwise require a large crane.

Other instances that involve using a tilt tray truck include:

  • Moving heavy plant and machinery
  • Towing vehicles
  • Forklift transport
  • Car storage
  • Backloading
  • Removing debris

No matter what your needs are, we have a wide range of tilt tray trucks to help you lift and transport items. They can support various weights and lengths, making them useful for a range of tasks.

Why Choose Rev Cranes?

Rev Cranes is committed to guaranteeing customer satisfaction when it comes to hiring and operating equipment. You should choose us because:

  • We have several years of experience
  • We stay up to date on all machinery advancements
  • We offer bespoke advice and guidance
  • We operate on a 24/7 basis
  • We comprise a team of trained personnel

For more information on tilt tray tucks in Townsville, get in touch with our team today.


What is a tilt tray truck?

A tilt tray truck is a specialised vehicle designed to transport heavy loads and equipment efficiently. It features a flatbed platform that can be hydraulically tilted to ground level, allowing for the easy and safe loading and unloading of materials without the need for additional lifting equipment. This capability makes it an indispensable tool in industries such as construction and mining, where it can transport machinery, construction equipment and large containers.

Do I need a licence to operate a tilt tray truck?

A Medium Rigid class (MR) licence is required to operate a tilt tray truck, as is the case when operating any tow truck. Choosing Rev Cranes means you can hire a tilt tray truck along with an experienced operator with the necessary operational and safety training.

What are the benefits of hiring a Tilt Tray Truck and driver in Townsville?

Hiring a Tilt Tray Truck and driver in Townsville from Rev Cranes can provide several benefits for builders and project managers, including:

Knowledgeable driver: Your driver is familiar with local roads in Townsville and navigating them with a heavy load.
Increased efficiency: Streamline transportation processes, saving time and reducing the need for multiple trips.
Cost savings: Hiring can be more cost-effective than purchasing and maintaining your own vehicle, as well as reducing the costs associated with operating and maintaining a fleet of vehicles.
Reduced risk: Hiring a Tilt Tray Truck and driver can reduce the risk of accidents and liability, as the driver is trained and experienced in the safe and efficient operation of Tilt Tray Trucks.
Increased convenience: Eliminates the need for builders and project managers to worry about the transportation of materials and equipment, freeing up time and resources for other important tasks.
Improved safety: Can improve safety on construction sites, as the driver is trained and experienced in the proper handling and transportation of heavy loads.

Will weather conditions in Townsville impact the use and performance of a Tilt Tray truck?

Extreme weather can sometimes impact the use and performance of Tilt Tray trucks, so it’s important to be aware of the seasons and potential weather issues in your planning. Weather conditions and their effects may include:

Heavy rainfall: Rain can make roads slippery, causing trucks to have difficulties manoeuvring and navigating. This can increase the risk of accidents and slow down transportation times.
Strong winds: High winds can make it difficult for trucks to maintain stability, especially when transporting heavy loads. This can result in damage to both the truck and the cargo.
Floods: In the event of heavy rainfall and flooding, some roads in and around Townsville may become inaccessible, making it difficult for Tilt Tray Trucks to transport materials and equipment to and from construction sites.

At Rev Cranes, our experienced team can advise you if you’re unsure about weather conditions. Our knowledgeable Tilt Tray Truck drivers are familiar with the Townsville area and when and how to drive safely during all kinds of weather.

What types of vehicles can be transported using a tilt tray truck?

Tilt tray trucks are versatile in their capacity to transport a wide range of vehicles. From heavy plant machinery and construction equipment to forklifts, cars and even damaged or non-operational vehicles, these trucks can handle various types and sizes of loads. Their design allows for the secure transportation of vehicles to and from locations, making them a preferred choice for moving oversized equipment, vehicle towing and more.

Are there any specific requirements for loading my vehicle onto the tilt tray truck?

Loading a vehicle onto a tilt tray truck requires minimal preparation, thanks to the truck's design which simplifies the process. However, ensuring the vehicle is ready for transport can enhance safety and efficiency. It's advisable to secure or remove any loose parts from the vehicle to prevent damage during transportation. Additionally, if the vehicle is operational, it should be placed in a position that allows for easy access and alignment with the truck's tray.

What documentation is required for tilt tray truck hire?

When hiring a tilt tray truck, certain documentation is necessary to ensure compliance with legal and safety requirements. Typically, this includes a valid form of identification and proof of insurance coverage for the vehicle being transported. Additionally, if the hire includes an operator, the company will manage the operational and safety training documentation for their drivers.
For specific projects, additional permits or documentation may be required, depending on the nature of the load and the destination. It's best to consult with our team directly to understand the precise documentation needed for your tilt tray truck hire in Townsville.