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Whether your next project involves hard-to-reach locations, the transportation of heavy loads or extensive construction tasks, professional Crane Rental Services can provide comprehensive crane hire services to suits your needs. Offering practical solutions for a range of scenarios, crane rental services can help you stay on track and meet project deadlines. In this post, we'll delve into five compelling reasons to consider crane hire for your next project.

1. Choose From An Extensive Fleet

By choosing a crane rental service you will have an extensive fleet available to you. Many of these services will offer a range of different sized cranes suited to different tasks and site sizes, as well as an array of other related equipment such as Elevated Work Platforms, Boom Lifts and Tilt Tray Trucks. Whether you need a mobile crane for easy manoeuvrability or a tower crane for high-rise construction projects, the right equipment is readily available to match your project's needs.

2. Save Money

Crane hire comes with a considerable reduction in operational costs. Hiring a crane removes the need for the upfront capital expenditure associated with purchasing a crane, making it a highly cost-effective option. Further cost savings come from avoiding maintenance and repair expenses, as these responsibilities rest on the shoulders of the crane rental service.

3. Save Time

Crane hire also offers significant time savings. Crane rental services have cherrypicked a range of great equipment for you to choose from and have experienced operators who can give you advice about what equipment is right for the job. This saves you conducting hours of research. Better yet, they take care of transport logistics, delivering the crane to your site exactly when you need it.

4. Gain Flexibility

One of the main reasons people choose crane hire over purchasing their own cranes, is due to the added flexibility. Securing a rental crane allows for quick arrangements and is particularly handy for those requiring a crane on a temporary basis. With crane hire, there's no ongoing commitment, meaning you only need to hire the crane for the days you need it.

5. Avoid Costly Storage

By hiring a crane, you don’t have to worry about where to store the crane when your project finishes. You can simply arrange for the crane hire service to collect it, saving you the hassle and cost of crane storage.

Townsville’s Favourite Crane Hire Company

If you’re looking for an extensive fleet of cranes for your next project, look no further than REV Cranes. Specialising in mobile, small cranes, our operators carry extensive experience in dual lifts, relocation of rail assets and transporting large, heavy structures and equipment in hard-to-reach or tight spots. We maintain compliance with all safety systems and are proud of our fantastic safety record. Ready to discover how crane hire can benefit your project? Contact REV Cranes today.

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